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Lion of the Wind [SoCo][link]
Saw this funny vid on reddit.
[GW2 Machinima] WvW Fall Tourney Trailer: Rise of the Bearbo...
This season... your worst build... becomes your worst nightm...
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CaptainCaveman [LVN][SCTY]  OMG I laughed so hard.
Serenity tag[AI][PAL][SCTY]  haha that was awesome!
Optee [TRY]According to 14 out 20 people we are the most annoying in silver league so far! Great job Yaks Bend! :D Keep on being persistent, smart, and overall beautiful!
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Renson tag[SCTY]  Still don't understand why everyone always seem to hate YB. It doesn't matter if we are winning or losing, we always seem to be hated.
Jaicen tag[POV][SCTY]  I stole their nutella and now their butthurt.
Seni [FoW]  It's because of the perception that YB is nothing a but a bunch of siegehuggers supercommanded by one omnipotent figure that yells out MORE SIEGE! MORE ACS! When in reality, the YB community has cultivated a realistic understanding about the kinds of numbers we have in our wvwvw community. And because of that realization, we've adapted a defensive playstyle that takes a superblob to wipe us off the enemy BL when we're defending something we want to keep. Siege is there for a reason, why no one else uses it to its full potential is beyond me.

I know I haven't been back that long or even well-known in the community yet, but already it amazes me at the sort of camaraderie between all the guilds, small and large, on this server. It takes a lot of organization and patience amongst many different people to have created the YB we know today.
Tiff [TC]Our EU group ran really hard today guys; well into NA time. We've managed to overturn a 2k deficit into a 6k lead at the time of writing. Just want to say thanks and applaud everyone who was part of the effort today. It was really great to see so many pushing hard and scouting/defending well. Let's keep this up!
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Seni [FoW]  Oops! Accidentally deleted my comment! HAHA. Errr.. Anyway, thanks for pushing hard! It's always fun seeing TC run.
CaptainCaveman [LVN][SCTY]  Thanks guys, keep up the excellent work.!!!
Lion of the Wind [SoCo]  Yeah ty to everyone! From our NA that held the hordes and cleaned YBBL to be seiged. To Nightkrewe that held ybbl against DB hordes. Our EU for pushing back and papering a lot of keeps. And to our NA again for bringing the fight on and wping DB Bay! DB Bay fights were amazing. very clutch hold , and many loot bags.

And Most of all. TY to all our guards, scouts and havoc teams for making us such a pain in their ppt.
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CaptainCaveman [LVN][SCTY]Oh God... hope this is not true...
To get the week achievements for wvw you just have to finish 5 events.
WvW Fall Tournament 2014
WvW Fall Tournament 2014 is the third WvW tournament for Guild Wars 2; it lasts four weeks beginning September 12, 2014 and continuing through October 10, 2014. As with the first s...
Frosch [HOME]  The article says that the first match will be a repetition of this week, so it looks like it is CD and DR again.
insaneshadow   Is this a good thing or a bad thing? I can't tell.
Lion of the Wind [SoCo]  Its not clear atm if accurate. Its not bad if its true. DR and DB are our main competitors in the tourney. So having them separately is good.
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Rena tag[POV]
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Rena tag[POV]  Lets get the word out
Kliara [OTG]  Sweet, OTG will have a representation. thanks
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Tiff [TC]Here's the new meta for taking down gates in WvW and avoiding siege disablers:
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Serenity tag[AI][PAL][SCTY]  LOL yeah....I've seen the grub used before.
Meri tag[TBE]  Fucking pepperonis
TitiuBlack [UL]Sup guys, since some UL players letf of WvW to take a time, i have been playing in small groups with other mates and witl other guilds... After this patch we decide troll some with RANGERS OP party !!! lol there is the result. Enjoy.
Troll Rangers - Lock and LOAD !
OP Rangers !!! Having a FUN !!!
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Lion of the Wind [SoCo]Asura summons are broken. Please dont abuse!
UrMom306 tag[FoW][TR]  lol Mr Sparkles turned into a complete badass
Serenity tag[AI][PAL][SCTY]  [link]

Yeah, they work in PvE too. haha
patricide tag[PAL]  ... my glass cannon engi is Asura.... hhmmm.....
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pretty.pixie tag[SCTY]  OMG. Erinshaw's back!
Shivan [TOG]  Holy Crap Erin?!
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