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Agriope [vT]
#GuildWars2 | [vT] Thief Roamin' on Nov 12th, 2014
Rudan and his damn buff bar... Good fights with VLK even tho...
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killa zombie [PAL][SCTY]Some tough words over at DB forums

7:34 pm [BS] Namttam
YB is dumb, we shall crush them
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killa zombie [PAL][SCTY]  Looks like this is going to be a fun week. Cant wait to see how we handle that DB SEA horde.
Ven [TOG]  DB, The kiddo server.
XDeadmanxwalking tag[FoW]  I read that in Arnold Schwarzenegger voice and laughed too hard.
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Rheayas tag[LOOT]My entourage of FA Roamers
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sumirechan [TSD]Jade doing some matrix moves with an omega during an SoS attack at SoSBL Garry. XD
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Banksia [PAL]  Just wait till the other Servers hear we have developed Ninja Omegas! Next up, arrow carts with wheels.
insaneshadow   Robo Neo?
AnomalyTea   Ok, who said "do a barrel roll"?
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Hatt tag[TV]I just learnt that you can logon to 2 different Teamspeak servers at the same time...Or into the same server twice. You are limited to speaking in only one at a time, but being able to listen in on the EBG channel whilst roaming with a couple of friends is very helpful. Just thought I would share my TIL.
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AliceStar [FoW][FNG]  I think that is neat long as we aren't getting close to TS capacity.
pretty.pixie tag[SCTY]  Soulblazer wrote a detailed thread about multichannelling a while ago. It's stickied here:[link]
Hatt tag[TV]  Thanks Pixie, I had not yet found that post...
Mance Khan tag[SG]The GW2 "elite"
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XDeadmanxwalking tag[FoW]  add like 3 more into that math and it'll be legit. Haven't seen a single lone roamer from either FA or SoS. Just a smaller nut hugging short buses.
gaia [Ts]  i though it was adult xxx poster
I Am Shu
I am Shu [TT] Solo/Duo Roaming Video #2
Hello guys I play a thief on Yak's Bend for the Guild Tonic ...
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I Am ShuI'm a bad theef but please enjoy lol
killa zombie [PAL][SCTY]A little musical ballad in honor of FA's inevitable demise...........FA "on the Brink of Extinction"
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Sumwun   Don't forget "You Lose" by Misery Index [link]
neu   [link]
neu   Outsmarted, I'm selling you for scrap

Now I'm the kid who put the shit back in place
And I'm the one who threw it back in your face
It took a little bit of intellectual shit, diversity and wit
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Shiva Esperia [VNG]  Kalkz 0.o
insaneshadow   Stephen Colbert? What? Are bears still a threat?
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