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Zilsi [FoW]epic
The Most Epic Safety Video Ever Made #airnzhobbit
As the official airline of Middle-earth, Air New Zealand has...
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killa zombie [PAL][SCTY]  Air New Zealand FTW.....was great. US airlines couldn't do something like that. They may even charge passengers extra for a safety video.
pretty.pixie tag[SCTY]  Don't pander to Kiwi's thank you very much. they'll get all uppity if you do that!
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Lion of the Wind [SoCo]Da Bass Lolz from SoS Riot guild is currently in our cit. While riot trying to ninja nw t
. Just feel its pathetic to see a semi havoc group use a spy. Pathetic and really weak.
Be careful if you see him online. Havent seen him troll supply yet, but be careful in /m and with tags.
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Lion of the Wind [SoCo]  Also, want to clarify that he was on yaks, no achievements, uplevel. Repping same guild that was attacking our nw tower at that time.
Serenity tag[AI][PAL][SCTY]  Thanks for the heads up!
jdaxatxHaven't played in a while, are there any guilds on Yak's Bend that GvG regularly now?
Zilsi [FoW]  Well we do have guilds that GvG, [TT] Tonic Time posted something on the forums, they say they mainly GvG .
Lion of the Wind [SoCo]  I am not sure if we hve gvg guilds. We have some guilds that will gvg when they feel like it.
TC, PAL, TT(just moved here). I know UL was playing around small scale gvg/scrims, but they are mostly in AA, same with EK. So just check TT, PAL, TC recruitment threads. GL.
Zilsi [FoW]Thank you Lady Xiena for giving me this "Mini Zuzu, Cat of Darkness" :sick:
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Serenity tag[AI][PAL][SCTY]  Aww....what a fierce kitty!
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Seni [FoW]Some of you may or may have not experienced this, but there are some issues going on with Enjin so don't be alarmed at all the complications with getting logged out or otherwise. It seems like they are aware of it and are "fixing" it. :sick: What I've found to work so far is to completely clear out any cookies and things related to the site which as allowed me to continue lurking on the site. Hope that helps anyone having any issues currently.
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pretty.pixie tag[SCTY]  Welcome back other Pix! Wooooo!
sumirechan [TSD]I'm liking how there is ZERO FA presence at EBG... XD XD XD
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Seni [FoW]HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BEMI! My Yak Chat mornings wouldn't be the same without a little Swedish flavor. :sick:
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insaneshadow   Happy Birthday! - From a strange stranger
Sir Loin of Hamburg [FoW]  Lol Happy Birthday to the person with the same birthday as me xD
Bemi tag[CPR]  Thanks for all the birthday wishes :sick:
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