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killa zombie [PAL][SCTY]DK working....It's amazing seeing so many on this early NA EST....
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OPO [DPS][PAL]FA with 1 camp - wow! They are going to be a little upset.
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Katsu [PwN]  oman~ He dies. :<
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NiloyBardhan tag  Is that you Bubba from KoME?
Zilsi [FoW]Desperate Fort Aspenwood lame spy tactics
The Smell of Desperation: Fort Aspenwood lame spy tactics
And we thought they had more class... #goldtierserverspying ...
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Whoofe [YB]  doesn't surprise me - FA hacked into keeps several times when we played em in silver tier. low class server
VincentPain [SCTY]  Yeah, this is just a bunch of sore losers flipping us the bird. Not sure how much of FA would support these clowns, but one hopes that it's not very many.
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Denonono tag[LOOT]
the bird and the bee - Polite Dance Song
Music video by the bird and the bee performing Polite Dance ...
Katsu [PwN]  I swear I was expecting this song to be a "how to be polite" song. Haha, I liked it though. I liked the guy who looked like he was doing 80's exercises. Or pre-80s according to the only image I could find! [link]
Lei   I want to sue the guys for stealing my dance moves....
killa zombie [PAL][SCTY]  LMAO "if you know whats good for you....you'll shake it like you just don't care"
Tiff [TC]Dis fights tier tho...
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Banksia [PAL]  The way I see it, it looks like you had them surrounded and trapped Tiff.
Lion of the Wind [SoCo]  To be fair thats ebg, and pugs. There are some groups that wont run in most cases. Or at least not vs even numbers. Like ws, ot, cl. But yeah same number of ppl using siege/sitting on cannons on every server.
Zudoari [TC]  We ran by (20strong) as they came out of pang, they rushed into OW making ac's. Were like ''ok.....''
Some good fights since reset / cheers for TUNE number 1 guild NA for letting me tag along.
thief/engie/mes GW2 TUNE / PD
Uploaded by Jared Burnett on 2014-10-28.
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Zilsi [FoW]  nice
Seven tag[FEAR]Next person who pm's me about Yaks Bend and AC's I swear is gonna get an arrow to the face...
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Seni [FoW]  ^ Because this ain't Skyrim, Frankie! >:(
insaneshadow   He used to be an adventurer you know. I heard it didn't end well.
Katsu [PwN]  If we're on YB and we PM you about our ACs can we get an arrow... cart to the satchel?
ManoaFor our PvFers...
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Manoa   Like the blood of our ene...er, I mean tomato soup? :sick:
Seni [FoW]  Yes.. "tomato soup"... Rich in iron!
Kappaslayer [TV]IMAX 1080p quality professional editing (im so sorry) video of TV's first raid
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Zilsi [FoW]  nice fights we need more :sick:
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Togochubb.3984Good times in the PUG zerg this weekend. Thanks again Slip for driving.
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sliptoe   was fun
sliptoe   yaks pug train OP
Barezerker [TUNE]  Dat bridge fight at 9:40... that right there is why PD is #1 guild NA. Fantastically done Slip, Chubb and all of Yak's Bend who were there.
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