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Frank Short tag[FoW][FNG]Check this out for me, let me know what you think~
Guild Wars 2
©2010-2013 ArenaNet, LLC. and NC Interactive, LLC. All rights reserved. Guild Wars, Guild Wars 2, ArenaNet, NCSOFT, the Interlocking NC Logo, and all associated logos and designs a...
Flame Alchemist [FoW]  Pure cosmetic, personally i would want them to work on something that would improve the gameplay positively (you can argue that capes would, but kinda no). There are many things that they need to fix rather than keep adding things and never fixing the previous ones.
XDeadmanxwalking tag[FoW]Reset Night.... The day FA/SoS Realize that one guardian wasn't crazy going in 1 vs 30. They just fell for my trap card D:<( late post working all day Saturday Q.Q)
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Lion of the Wind [SoCo]  Dude this is the elite tier for fite guilds, wtf you doing charging them solo? Maybe they thought you were WM and were stacking on a dime.
kudatang [Ts] and iHazPizza [CPR] joined Yak's Bend
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bloo tag[FKU][PwN]  joined Yak's Bend
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Shiva Esperia tag[VNG]Happy Reset - Motivational content
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Serenity tag[AI][PAL][SCTY]  I love this show!
Krakilin tag[UNIT]  it go so actiony and awesome
TitiuBlack [UL]Some Good figths of last nigth !!! Was like Old time... Tks for bags PAL. Good figths FKU, UL, PAL and pugs !!!
[UL] Vol 22 Off Season. Necro is Power !
Watch live at http://www.twitch.tv/jaafce
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TitiuBlack [UL]  Tks Mom
Frost Thor tag[UL]  Holy yeah !!!!
Atticus Z [PAL]  thanks TBlack! great vid
killa zombie [PAL][SCTY]Last night while raiding with [PAL] we saw [BT] Black Talons back on FA. I have faced them before and they were very very good. They seem to be rusty, but its good to see old guilds/players trickling back to the game!
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TitiuBlack [UL]Im back to the game, to my vids, but also back to tPVP. Some noob Thief play :sick:
UL - TitiuBlack Thief tPVP
Good ComeBack ! 18/12/2014 -- Watch live at http://www.twitc...
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Krakilin tag[UNIT]  excellent team mechanics down.
Banksia [PAL]Well, the score was a given but we gave them a scare. So the time to experiment with new builds was ripe for a few hours. To anyone who ran with me while on my Necro - thank you for your patience! lol
Link Description
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Lion of the Wind [SoCo]  Lol, I was on my laptop last night since I uninstalled gw2 from my pc, and it would take too long to copy it.
So if you seen my war run into walls, or use a portal rather than rez an ally, cough, I blame controls. Nothing to do with me not playing for a month. Ty for supply on the prep runs Banks.
Banksia [PAL]  I'm not making threats of blackmail or anything underhanded, this is just advice from a friend. I may or may not have recorded these events.

I've sent you my ID name and preferred currency. A few gold coins and it's like this never happened.
Rheayas tag[LOOT]Despite the stacked odds against us, Yaks persevere! Some good strategy and a little golem magic from DK. Thanks to everyone for being part of today :sick:
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Evilzara [VNG]  if you look closely you can see me there!
Fozzik tag[VNG]  *squints* I see you Zara.... why aren't you wearing pants in that picture?!
killa zombie [PAL][SCTY]How the SoS - FA lets get YB out of our tier meeting might have gone!
South Park: Hardy boys 1
Uploaded by Randy Marsh on 2013-10-12.
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Serenity tag[AI][PAL][SCTY]  Hahaha. You are getting waay too much enjoyment out of this, killa!
killa zombie [PAL][SCTY]  Yeah its just been so much fun in WvW the last week....plus school is done.
[vT]Fralans-Cookie [vT]
Gw2 Cookiemancer[vT] - wvw Broaming necro
Uploaded by FralansDaCookiemancer on 2014-12-18.
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Thorp [vT]  lol the transfers on the engies at SE tower
TitiuBlack [UL]
UL - 3 Way Figth SoS Garri
Long Way... Full Figth !!!
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TitiuBlack [UL]  Tks for fights SG. also NS was there too. UL + SG + NS vs FA and SOS.
Lion of the Wind [SoCo]  epic vid . I am just happy I didn't bring my lvl 30 thief in there to rallybot the enemy:)
killa zombie [PAL][SCTY]Nobody likes Yaks Bend :(

Dhemize wrote:

Gogo wrote:

Noodica wrote:
FA here is a great fucking tip: If you want to finally fix this tier which YB ruined since they've been here then stop fucking focusing SoS so we can kick those siegehugging faggots out already..
Things were going great this week until SoS moved up to first for a few hours and FA had a little fit and decided to 2v1 us with YB instead so FA doesnt come 2nd this week. Who gives a shit about who is first and focus YB the fuck out of this tier instead. News is that if YB places 3rd this week they're going to start imploding and purposely tank down. Ever since they've been in t2 its turn into a PPT, siege and assjam focused shit fest. Wise up FA..
How did SoS get to 1st place. They must have attacked FA, right?

While FA still rage fits at YB and slams against walls, SoS hits them from behind (in more than one way) with no defense to worry about.
I even partied up with some random SoS pugs to stomp a few FA as they tried to rush into a tower and jump on ACs. Then cheered when SoS flipped it. Lol Nobody likes FA and they don't realize it which makes it all the more comical. Pay for more temporary companions please, because you treat your player base like a bunch of cheap prostitutes and it's fun to watch you dump money on WvW.
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Agriope [vT]  lol noodica. people still take that guy seriously?
Serenity tag[AI][PAL][SCTY]  Ag....no they don't, which is why he had to repeat himself in the match up thread!
insaneshadow   This is what that guy's post sounds like to me. [link]
Agriope [vT]
#GuildWars2 #GW2 | [vT] WvW Roaming. Goofing off as a Rifle ...
Kill Shot is hysterical. Make sure you're roaming for fun - ...
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Hotep tag[CPR]  Around the 9 minute mark, all I could think was "PICK UP YOUR BAGS!!!"
Fun video thanks for sharing coms. I think that many people new to TeamSpeak are intimidated and don't know what to say. When we share videos with coms it lets people know what the dialog should be when you are fighting, out of combat it's all about the chit-chat, the chit-chat keep the channel alive.
Agriope [vT]  it's all about not being serious (usually)! people get so srssss, seems like such a waste
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