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Meri tag[TBE]Thanks once again to those of you who followed TBE on DB last night.
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rowan [TUNE]TUNE defending bay from NSP last night [link]
TUNE vs NSP at bay
Uploaded by Rowan Gallowglass on 2014-09-28.
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sliptoe   Lol
rowan [TUNE]  You are right bare. Let me change the title
Togochubb.3984   Oh man...I'm internet famous now...I saw me (Portochubb) hiding in the corner on this vid. Well, I wasn't hiding, I was just changing my boxers...that was scary! I'm a lover not a fighter.
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[vT] Agriope [vT]
#GuildWars2 | [vT] WvW Roaming, September 23rd. Season 3, We...
I was on my Power Necro, D/D Ele and S/D Ele that night. Twi...
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Yak's Bend has reached a new record of 1300 registered users today!
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LilTango tag[PAL]Did we figure out who we are facing week 3?
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Lion of the Wind [SoCo]  It s mostly DB.
Anne tag[AI]  I thought it was CD and DB?
CaptainCaveman [LVN][SCTY]  CD and DB will be week 4, at reset, YB 10 points, DB 8 points, NSP 8 points and CD/SBI will both have 6. Also if we win this week, we have 1st place guaranteed on the tournament no matter the outcome of week 4.
Seni [FoW]Forget about all the shit talk in that wvw forum, shout outs to NSP and SBI for being good sports. We are all a part of a larger community that's bigger than our individual servers and we have to support each other.
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Lion of the Wind [SoCo]  :sick:
SharkJuggler [Ult]  also most of the shit talk happening is from people off server
Ozonenia   LOL it's a game
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some fights since being back on YB. its been great :sick:
Perfect Dark mesmer Gw2
Uploaded by Jared Burnett on 2014-09-25.
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sliptoe   Yumi + slip = dream team haha
Togochubb.3984   Slip you are a boss! I thought I was on the dream team.... :_(

try out clip - [link]
sliptoe   dat shatter
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Tiff [TC]  Welcome to the community. :sick:
Flaming [DPS]  Thank you very much
OPO [DPS]  Hi FF!!
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