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Seni [FoW]Some of you may or may have not experienced this, but there are some issues going on with Enjin so don't be alarmed at all the complications with getting logged out or otherwise. It seems like they are aware of it and are "fixing" it. :sick: What I've found to work so far is to completely clear out any cookies and things related to the site which as allowed me to continue lurking on the site. Hope that helps anyone having any issues currently.
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pretty.pixie tag[SCTY]  Welcome back other Pix! Wooooo!
sumirechan [TSD]I'm liking how there is ZERO FA presence at EBG... XD XD XD
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Seni [FoW]HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BEMI! My Yak Chat mornings wouldn't be the same without a little Swedish flavor. :sick:
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insaneshadow   Happy Birthday! - From a strange stranger
Sir Loin of Hamburg [FoW]  Lol Happy Birthday to the person with the same birthday as me xD
Bemi tag[CPR]  Thanks for all the birthday wishes :sick:
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Sweet But Not Sweet tag[CPR][link] Ok this is the only time I will post this for the fun of it but if you want more imma have to charge ya :sick: LOL
Sweet! by Bemi123
Sweet's gorgeous singing! <3
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sumirechan [TSD]  Meeeeeeow!
Zilsi [FoW]  *clap meow!
Sweet But Not Sweet tag[CPR]  haaha I dont think i need fame for much of this im being me except for singing and being the Nut Cracker has made me famous :sick:
SpitfireixaSorry everyone, I cannot be involved in WvW if SoS continues to dominate us so powerfully.
SoS Rules All.jpg
Dropbox is a free service that lets you bring your photos, docs, and videos anywhere and share them easily. Never email yourself a file again!
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SharkJuggler [Ult]  as a whole we don't play the game the way they want us to play and it makes them mad. we're getting competition and we have to keep on our toes since they can at any time send an organized group at our stuff.
Gerglie the Mad   I am absolutely okay with winning PPT all the way to the bank. That's how the game is played. We need to stay alert and above all, don't start feeling like we "got this" every week.
Salbiscuit tag  Both servers talk about how they didn't want us in T2 because we don't open field fight, but the past week and a half has proven otherwise from what I have been apart of. More often than not both have ran away from fighting us open field (atleast on EBG around 2-6 central) and have resorted to siege warfare. When they do fight us open field it is either both servers jumping on us or they outnumber us 2:1. I do agree that blowing them out of the water makes it kinda lose its fun though.
Serenity tag[AI][PAL][SCTY]Was linked this...made me LOL
If WvW Players made Wrestling Promos
THE NUMBERS DON'T LIE! - - - - - Deany Kong artwork by Essen...
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insaneshadow   Oh Scott Steiner, no one ever knows what you're saying.
Avi tag[FrNd]  Too much, very funny! Haha
Banksia [PAL]  Graphic Content Warning. Many maths died in the making of this clip.
Shiva Esperia [VNG]just an update for jason if he wakes up. hehe. Fortified.
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Jasonxxx   XDDDD I woke up and saw we still had SMC. I was so happy, then I saw the waypoint. Tears of joy :sick:. Thanks for all that helped <3
pretty.pixie tag[SCTY]  Great job Shiva and everyone that helped.
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Ceraphine Jane [SG]Personally I think this one is the best vid I've ever done. ^5!
TC's Golem Rush on Garri
TC decided to Rush JQ Garri with a sea of Golems before rese...
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Cire tag[POV]  I guess they didn't realize the Golem Rush was invented on YB. How could they not think we would know how to defend against this?
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