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Hotep tag[TV]Happy turkey day Yaks Bend
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killa zombie [PAL][SCTY]
Happy Thanksgiving - Turkey Drop
Radio station gives away live turkeys
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Hjorje [DPS][FoW][PAL]Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate and to everyone be safe if out and about.
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Hotep tag[TV]  Gobble Gobble!
Krakilin tag[UNIT]  Happy food day to all!.. but do not neglect BL :sick:
Serenity tag[AI][PAL][SCTY]  Happy Thanksgiving to all Americans and Happy Thursday to everyone else! I'm very thankful to belong to Yak's Bend and having the best guilds and players as my server mates! You always have my back and I appreciate it so much! <3 Yaks! Be safe today! :sick:
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Gemini Site Guest  LOL,well we are twins so yes we know each other. We are glad to be here at Yaks now.
Shiva Esperia [VNG]  get starky to come :sick:
p.s dont tell her i said that.
Serenity tag[AI][PAL][SCTY]  How'd you decide who was #2?? lol
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Brockor [SCTY]With a little more time and a lot more siege... You get a WP with a bugged camp.
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Hotep tag[TV]  @Serenity, the NE camp is bugged and none of the yaks leaving it ever get to Hills...
Brockor [SCTY]  We did it again. :sick:
Sweet But Not Sweet tag[CPR]  Yes good job CPR and the rest of gang :sick:
Sweet But Not Sweet tag[CPR]  added 7 Ultimate days to Yak's Bend
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Troy [CPR]  ahhh yeah sweets :sick:
VoskiSoor tag[SCTY]we have some members on the front page of Reddit atm personally have never seen TAR running... i guess its a troll guild....

If you see these guys please report them... Hacking of any sort is not acceptable.

Gw2 Noble Soul Vs Hacker * /r/Guildwars2
8 points and 9 comments so far on reddit
lordenki40   I've seen two hackers myself in the last two days. It's been really bad lately.
Serenity tag[AI][PAL][SCTY]  I've never seen that tag before. Agreed, though...totally unacceptable
Agriope [vT]From Loyaless, in [vT]
Roaming/Group Play [vT]
D/D S/P 2/6/6/0/0 Didn't really take the time to edit been p...
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killa zombie [PAL][SCTY]I got banned from DB forums LOL

2 hours ago
Reply to user
Why are you on our forums? If you'd life GvGs i can establish them, but unfortunately due to policy I have to ban you. Whisper Sir Hayden if you have questions or concerns
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Serenity tag[AI][PAL][SCTY]  Were you being mean!? Tsk
killa zombie [PAL][SCTY]  Kinda.....My comment to:

7:34 pm [BS] Namttam
YB is dumb, we shall crush them

Was a brutal text assault of:

Nu-uh.....your a meanie head lol
Avi tag[FrNd]  Hahaha, we will go to the DB forums and let them know due to your cruelty and over the top language we will have you sit in the corner and think about what you did for a few nights.
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